I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am healthy, strong, and well.

I am loved and treasured for exactly who I am.

I am listening to and following God’s direction.

I am using the gifts, strengths, and opportunities God has given me

to live up to my full potential and purpose.

I am a fun, loving, and present mom and wife.

I am confident, listening, and joyful.

I am attentive, nurturing, and open-minded.

I am living in abundance.

I am doing all things through Christ.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I write the words above almost every day in my journal. It has helped me so much to start my days in a practice of affirmation and gratitude. I write these statements even when I don’t feel like they are true. I write “I am healthy, strong, and well” even when I am mad at my body because it really isn’t making estrogen on its own and I had to restart my medication (which I just did yesterday). I write “I am a fun, loving, and present mom” even after I worked all evening and my kids only wanted their dad to get them ready this morning. I write “I am living in abundance” even though I can see a stack of bills in the corner of my eye. 

I write them because I believe at the bottom of my heart that they are true. I believe God has placed me on this earth for a specific purpose and I am asking him to use me for that purpose. I believe there is an abundance of grace and forgiveness. And I fully believe that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Do you believe that? Because, guess what, it’s not just me who is made in the image of God. You are too. And you are valuable just because you are you. There is nothing you can do that can make God love you more and there is nothing you can do that can make God love you less. I am telling you this, but I am also reminding myself (again). I am in a season where I feel all this excitement about new possibilities and I have so many ideas about things I want to do, but in the same minute then I feel all this pressure about just keeping up with my current responsibilities and I tell myself I need to stop doing some things. I can get so busy writing to-do lists, checking off activities, trying to stay afloat in emails and social media notifications, if I don’t take the time to stop and focus on the reason behind it all, I will wind up in tears or lashing out at the people I love the most. For me, the best way to keep a positive and encouraging mindset all day is to begin each day with affirming the truth about me and my life: I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

PS: The image is of my brand new tattoo! I got it on Sunday evening after the half-marathon. It’s on my left leg, on the inner calf (so if I am sitting cross-legged I can read it). I absolutely love it!