I was ready. The church office staff had set up a projector screen and podium for me. The priest made an announcement at both mass times. I had my notes page pulled up on my computer and a clicker in hand.

I practiced my whole presentation a couple days earlier and I ran through a summary of it again that morning. I was feeling confident and excited. 

I purposefully picked this date to give my natural family planning presentation because it was the Sunday before my birthday. “What better way to celebrate,” I thought to myself, “than to speak to women and couples about something I feel so passionate about?”

I looked out over the sanctuary and every single chair was completely empty.

No one had shown up for my talk. Not one person from my entire congregation. 

Over these past two years diving deep into personal development and the world of entrepreneurship, I have read about and listened to multiple successful people tell how rejection is part of their story. But, no matter how much you think you are prepared for it, the sting of disappointment hurts deep.

For a moment, I wanted to cry. And I let myself have that quick moment. But then I pulled my lips into a smile (did you know that when you physically move your mouth into a smile, that the action alone sends a signal to your brain to produce serotonin, a chemical that is associated with happiness?). I packed up my bag and I thanked the office staff member for his assistance. We discussed trying the presentation again on a different date. And I left with my head still head high.

Did I feel like a winner? Absolutely not. But, I sat in my car and I asked myself some important questions. 1) Did I show up the best version of myself? Yes I did. 2) Was I in control of who chose to attend the presentation? No, I did not (nor would I ever want to) force anyone to come. 3) Are there any legitimate reasons why people did not come to the presentation? Yes – I immediately thought of multiple – family obligations, work schedules, lack of a babysitter, etc. And, more importantly, I did NOT let myself dwell on any unfounded reasons that popped in my head, such as “because everyone at my church thinks I am dumb” or “because no one is interested in hearing from me.” 

With those answers in mind, the only question to ask next is, “What is the next step I can take to bring the message of natural family planning to more people?” 

Thankfully, I have plenty of answers to this question. And one of those answers is by asking for YOUR help. If you are interested in knowing more about natural family planning or if you know someone else who would be interested in this topic, would you PLEASE send them to www.emilyrunsonpassion.com/nfp?

I have free resources on my NFP page and if you stick around the site for a bit, you should see a form to sign-up and receive a FREE chart comparing four NFP methods

If you or the person you are thinking about would rather contact me personally about learning more about natural family planning or about having me come speak to your group, please either reply to this email or send an email to emily@nfppharmacist.com and I will be in touch!

I appreciate you supporting me. Is there a way I can be better supporting you? Please let me know!