You want to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be. You are not just interested in avoiding sickness, but in being in your OPTIMAL state of health. But how do you know if you really need medication? Are the medications and/or supplements you are taking interacting with each other or causing unwanted side effects? Could you be saving time and money by avoiding unnecessary medication?

A pharmacist is an excellent resource to help you answer these questions. When you think of your pharmacist, who do you think of? The person stuck behind the counter at your local grocery store? The person who gave medications to your mom after she left the hospital? 

Most people do not immediately think of their pharmacist as the person who will sit down across from them (virtually or in-person) and take the time to listen to them, discuss any concerns, answer any questions, and make any recommendations. Even other pharmacists often don’t think of pharmacists practicing independently like this. But that is exactly how I help people as the NFP Pharmacist.

I help people interested in a more natural lifestyle achieve their health goals. Let’s break that down. Help means I am here to assist you, to encourage you, to motivate you, and to give you tools and resources. But I can’t do it all for you. Which brings me to the word interested – meaning I help people who want help. I work with people who are ready and willing to make a change. If you want to continue doing what you have always been doing, then I am not the right fit for you. More natural lifestyle means I help people who recognize that medications are only one small tool that can improve health. I was taught in pharmacy school that medications should be tried only AFTER lifestyle changes have been tried first. There are SO many health conditions that can be hugely impacted by changes to diet, exercise, or even mindset. Natural also means looking at vitamins and supplements as options. Achieve means you WILL reach success! THEIR health goals – and I capitalized THEIR for a reason – is another key. I am here to help YOU reach YOUR individual goals. I’m not here to force you to do anything I am doing for my own health (although I will gladly share if you are interested in hearing about what has worked for me). I’m not here to make you take a supplement your sister thinks you should take or even to make you take a medication your doctor thinks you should take, if it’s not what YOU want. YOU are the one who is living in your body, YOU are the one who knows your body best, and YOU are the one who will deal with the consequences (positive or negative) of the choices you make.

What kind of health goals might you have? Well, like I said, they are really up to you, but these are some of the goals I have seen others achieve:

  • Decrease the number of prescription medications you take
  • Get off of prescription medications completely
  • Stop experiencing side effects of your medication
  • Prevent a drug-drug or drug-supplement interaction
  • Improve your blood pressure / blood sugar readings / cholesterol levels
  • Lose weight (which may also impact your medication/supplement regimen)
  • Stop smoking

Or, maybe you just want to have the piece of mind that everything you are taking is needed, safe, and effective. If you are a parent, maybe you want to be sure that everything your child is taking is needed, safe, and effective.

If any of those goals resonate with you, what would having an appointment with the NFP Pharmacist look like? It’s a pretty simple process:

  1. Head to and book a completely FREE 15-min call (phone or video) with me to get to know each other and so you can be sure that I can offer you the help you are looking for
  2. After deciding that a medication/supplement review would be beneficial to your health, then go to and choose the best day and time for you to have a 60-minute appointment with me. The initial appointment is only $75
  3. Fill out a health history form, including the medications, vitamins, and supplements you take so I can review them ahead of time and come prepared with as much information as possible related to your specific health situation
  4. During our appointment, I will ask you what you want to focus on and what questions or concerns you have. From there, I will provide you information and I will make any recommendations to stop, change, or start any medications or supplements (or let you know that what you are doing is healthy for you!)
  5. At the end of our visit, I will recommend a follow-up appointment, depending on what we discussed. For some people they just want a one-time pharmacist check-up and other people (those making changes to their regimen) usually benefit from another visit in 1-3 months. A follow-up appointment is a steal at only $45
  6. After our visit, I will provide you with a visit summary, including a typed-out list of all your medications and supplements and any recommendations I have for you. If you would like, I will also send a copy of this to your healthcare provider for you.

Not sure if a medication/supplement review with your pharmacist is a good fit for you? Book a FREE 15-min call with me and we can chat more about your unique situation. I only want you to have an appointment with me if it is the right choice for you.


I would be remiss if I did not point out that there are pharmacists who work in clinic settings who have appointments with patients like this. If you already go to a clinic you like, I would suggest calling and asking if you can have an appointment with a pharmacist. Of course, like I mentioned, if you do decide you would rather have an appointment with me, I will be more than happy to send a visit summary to your doctor so they are aware of what we discussed.

You want to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be. I want that for you too. 

You can always email me at if you have any further questions