If you haven’t noticed, I have been pretty absent from the emilyrunsonpassion blog. Why is that? Well, I have been putting every bit of extra time and energy into my new website: www.nfppharmacist.com. That picture is of me recording one of my weekly podcast episodes.

Why did I create a new website? For starters, I did not create a new site – I paid someone else to do it for me. If you have never made your own website, I guarantee you take for granted how amazing the Internet is. I learned how to build this emilyrunsonpassion site myself, but it took quite a bit of time and effort, so I didn’t want to deal with that this time around. Plus, the REASON for my new website is because of my brand new business: NFP Pharmacist

What does this mean for the emilyrunsonpassion site now? I am honestly not sure. Part of me feels like I should just take the site down because I feel like I’m moving on to the next one. I am no longer leading exercise groups with BeachBody (although I am still a “coach” because I like getting the discount for the online workouts!). Although I do still enjoy helping people get healthy, I have decided that the way I want to do that now is through natural family planning education and medication/supplement reviews.

The thing is, my passions may have changed from a focus on diet and exercise to a focus on natural family planning and holistic health, but my core motivation has not changed. I believe that God has given me the mission for my life to empower women to care for and love the bodies God gave them. I did that in the past with health coaching and I am doing that now as the natural family planning pharmacist.

I heard someone say recently, don’t define yourself by your job. Your job is just what you do, it is not what you are. I have definitely fallen into this trap in the past. When I graduated pharmacy school, I was proud to say “I am a pharmacist.” And it does still make me happy to say that. But, I am starting to challenge myself to change my language to “I work as a pharmacist” or “I help patients with their medications” or “I get people off unneeded medications.” Maybe I should just tell people that “I empower women to care for and love the bodies God gave them.” Right now I am passionate about doing this as a pharmacist and NFP instructor, but maybe it will change again in the future.

So what happens when your passions change? You go with it. “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” is a popular self-development phrase. And I believe it. Life would be boring if I was exactly the same as I was 10 years ago. I hope that I will be different 10 years in the future. Psalm 37:4 says, “Take delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” This verse gives me so much comfort as I know that as long as I am asking God to lead me, I can follow whatever passions are in my heart.

If you are curious about what I’m doing with NFP Pharmacist, please visit www.nfppharmacist.com. One thing I’m super excited about is teaching free virtual workshops on the basics of natural family planning. You can find my schedule and sign-up here: www.nfppharmacist.com/resources